Fibec Metalglass, an ISO 9002 certified group, manufactures and assembles various sorts of metallic constructions, adapted to customer' s needs, such as:












Industrial buildings and warehouses -destined to the most diverse applications: storage, production garages, aeroplane hangars, sport halls, showrooms, dispatch companies, supermarkets, etc
On client request, there are avaiable the following metallic structures
- poles, wall grinders,roof purlings, strut frames, having a metall structure made of: rolled shape sectons, welded plate steel profiles.



Metall containers, destined to be used for various purposes: as habitable places, offices, or telecommunications systems (exchange) and electrogenic group containers.
The metall containers are avaible in different structures, such as:
- with thermo- insulated walls;
- with thermo -insulated walls and corrugated plate steel roofs;
- with aluminium window and door system, completed with thermo -insulated glass;
- metallic doors equiped with high secure locks


Heavy bunkers - for concrete and cement preparation units.